Generac 0H6924C Black Breaker Door Assembly w/GFCI Opening For Air Cooled Generators

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Generac 0H6924C Black Colored Breaker Door Assembly w/GFCI Opening For Nexus and Pre-Nexus Air Cooled Generators typically found on Honeywell units.  This breaker door can shatter in cold temps or if opened too far during install or when using the circuit breaker inside.  This is a replacement that includes the opening for a GFCI commonly found on 17kW-20kW Air Cooled Generators.  If you need the black colored breaker door without the GFCI opening, order 0H6924D.

This door is for Pre-Nexus and Nexus products only and uses clips from the rear for mounting.  Newer style Evolution breaker doors are different and use 3 screws at the top for mounting.

Generac replacement parts will also usually fit the following Generac branded generators: Honeywell, Guardian, Siemens, Carrier, Watchdog, Centurion, & Bryant.


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