FAQ | Questions We're Asked About Generac Troubleshooting & Ordering

These are some common questions we get asked frequently about troubleshooting a Generac Generator, or finding parts for them.  Please read through these first before sending us your questions, as they may be answered here and save you the wait!


  • Q: What information do you need to help me find the correct parts for my Generac Generator?
  • A: We typically just need the serial number for the generator.  This is usually a 7 digit number on anything made before 2015 or so, and is found on the panel that divides the battery compartment from the engine on most Air-Cooled Generac Generators.  On Liquid Cooled models, it can be found in a few different spots, but normally near the control panel, or on the base frame of the unit.  The serial number located on the engine is not helpful for finding parts for the unit.
  • Q: I have the part number already, should I just order the part?
  • A: You can as long as you're sure that is the part you need.  In most cases electronic parts aren't returnable due to their nature & can be very expensive.  You can always check with us first if you have a part that you're not absolutely sure fits.  It saves you time, money and headache!
  • Q: The part number I found in my Owner's Manual looks different than the one that shows up on your sight, there are extra numbers or letters in it.  Why?
  • A: Generac often updates parts without notice and will normally change the part number slightly.  This is usually an additional letter or number, or maybe SRV at the end.  For Example: Evolution Control Panel 0J8371A was updated to 0J8371C and as of writing this, is the most current version.  Parts that now come as a kit will normally have SRV or 0SRV at the ends of them.  As always, be sure to check first before ordering if you have questions about something.
  • Q: My new parts didn't come with directions to install them..?
  • A: No, they don't normally come from us or Generac with directions for install.  If you need assistance with the installation of a part and are local here in Michigan, we'd be happy to come install the part for you for a fee.  If you are not local here, you should consult with your local Generac dealer about installing the parts.  Parts sold by Generac and Gentek Power are dealer supplied parts which are generally meant for trained technicians who already know the systems & how new parts are installed.  In most cases there are no directions for installing these parts.  There are Diagnostic Service Manuals available for many models of Generac Generators, and you can check to see if there is one available for your generator.
  • Q: I bought a part, installed it, and it still didn't fix the problem I'm having?
  • A: This is why [in a lot of cases] we recommend that a Generac Authorized Dealer look at the generator to determine the problem.  It's also the reason we do not accept returns on installed or used parts.  Many people 'troubleshoot with parts' by ordering what they think is the problem, installing it, and finding out that was not the cause.  By doing this, you risk damaging sensitive electronic parts which cannot be tested here once returned.  Everything we sell is brand new from the factory unless for some reason we explain otherwise.