Generac 0G3224TB Ignition Coil Pack For Air Cooled Generators

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Generac 0G3224TB Ignition Coil Pack.  Typically found on the Generac 990/992/999CC Air Cooled engines.  These are normally replaced in pairs along with the grounding wire that connects them together and to the bulkhead connector on the engine for the 18 wire.  This is just a single coil.  Normally we recommend replacement with the Ignition Coil Replacement Kit listed here which includes both coils and the ground wire and instructions:

Generac 0K63030SRV Ignition Coil Pack Replacement Kit For Air Cooled Generators

Note that on certain model engines, there may be a small amount of filing needed to clear the little brass colored rivet to the engine block.  This takes only a few seconds but is required for proper fitment of the new style coils.

Generac replacement parts will also usually fit the following Generac branded generators: Honeywell, Guardian, Siemens, Carrier, Watchdog, Centurion, & Bryant.


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