Generac 0G2885/0G2885A/0G28850SRV Voltage Regulator AVR

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Generac 0G2885/0G2885A/0G28850SRV Voltage Regulator AVR.

If your Generac Generator's output voltage is too high, this is most likely the bad part and it will need to be replaced.

This was used across the Generac Liquid Cooled Generator lineup for many years and in many configurations.  All versions of the 0G2885/0G2885A have been replaced by the 0G28850SRV version.

*Please Read*

These (and all Generac Voltage Regulators that are adjustable) do not come from the factory calibrated for the correct voltage!  You will need to properly adjust this regulator once it's installed in the unit.  This will require a high quality digital voltage meter and a small flat head screw driver.

These regulators include an adjustment procedure sheet which will explain what steps are needed to adjust the regulator.  It will require that the unit be loaded to near full load to properly adjust.

If you are not comfortable with anything mentioned above, seek a Generac Authorized Dealer to assist with the install and calibration.  Dangerous voltages are present when working with generators!


Generac replacement parts will also usually fit the following Generac branded generators: Honeywell, Guardian, Siemens, Carrier, Watchdog, Centurion, Eaton & Bryant.


If you need Generac generator troubleshooting support, please visit our interactive forum