Generac 0E6154 Utility Upper Solenoid Coil For RTS Series 150A & 200A Transfer Switches

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Generac 0E6154 Utility Upper Transfer Switch Coil for 150A and 200A RTS series transfer switches.

This solenoid coil is normally damaged by brown out conditions that cause low utility voltage to burn up the upper transfer coil.  Could also be damaged by a bad limit switch.  Cause should be investigated before replacement so that new coil is not damaged during transfer.

If the damage is extensive enough, you can order a complete 150/200A contactor assembly here:  Generac 0L2911/0D9618 Complete 200A Transfer Contactor Assembly

Was used in all of the 150A & 200A Generac/Honeywell R series switches including:

RTSC200A3, RTSW200A3, RTSX200A3, RTSD200A3, RTSS200A3, RTSJ200A3, RTSY200A3, RTSY150A3, RXSW200A3, RXSW150A3, RTSR200A3, RTSW150A3, RTSG150A3, RTSG200A3, RTSK200A3, RTSK150A3, RTSM150A3, RTSM200A3, RTSQ150A3, RTSQ200A3, RXSK200A3, RTSM200A3, RXSM200A3, and many others!

Generac replacement parts will also usually fit the following Generac branded generators: Honeywell, Guardian, Siemens, Carrier, Watchdog, Centurion, Eaton & Bryant.


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