What is Generac Mobile Link Remote Generator Monitoring? Do I need it?

What is Generac Mobile Link, and do I need it?  In short, it's all about whether or not remotely monitoring your home standby generator is valuable to you! 

Mobile Link is the best way to remotely monitor your Generac standby generator and see what its current status is.  The Mobile Link system uses either preinstalled WiFi technology available in the newest Generac Air Cooled standby generators with Evolution 2.0 controllers (Sync 3.0 for Honeywell users), or you can add the latest Mobile Link 4G LTE version to any compatible generator made 2010 and after.  The 4G LTE model can be used in place of the WiFi on newer models should WiFi coverage or internet access not be available. 

The 4G LTE Mobile Link accessory seen here Mobile Link Cellular 4G LTE in some cases is a better choice for customers really concerned with status updates in even the worst outages.  Because the 4G LTE version rides on Verizon's strong cellular 4G LTE network, downtime is very rare.  When using the WiFi version of Mobile Link, internet outages, downed lines, outages where the unit for some reason didn't come on, etc. will cause a loss of connectivity.  While the WiFi is a great (FREE) option with most newer Air Cooled Generac generators, there will still be a place for cellular linked units.

Generac now offers subscription plans for both WiFi and the 4G LTE models which allow even greater information to be gathered by the customer.  If using the free version of monitoring (only offered on the WiFi Mobile Link) the customer will receive monthly summary emails about the unit's past status and events.  With the paid version of the monitoring (offered both on the WiFi and 4G LTE monitors), the customer receives instant alerts when there is a problem, when the unit runs for any reason, or if it needs service or maintenance.  The paid version is preferred by many because having the instant alerts helps in identifying a problem before it comes an emergency during an outage.

Along side of Mobile Link's web based dashboard is their Mobile Link App, which is available for both iOS Apple devices on the App Store and on Android's Google Play Store.  The app can be checked at any time for a current status (even on the free WiFi monitoring plan) and gives you valuable generator information anywhere you have data access on your phone or tablet.