SureStart | Run Your AC On Tesla PowerWall, Solar, Or Battery Storage System | Hyper Engineering

Inverters and solar battery storage systems like the Tesla PowerWall system, can only support so much starting wattage when it comes to starting an AC unit or other large motor load.  The Hyper Engineering SureStart soft starters can greatly reduce the starting wattage of an AC compressor, allowing it to start MUCH easier on the inverters and batteries. 

With the Hyper Engineering SureStart soft starter installed, we normally see a LRA (starting current) reduction of about 60%!  This allows the unit to start much easier and also reduces the wattage by that same 60%, so that the PowerWall, inverter, or other battery system can handle the load better.

Sure Starts are available in 2 popular sizes.  8-16A RLA and 16-32A RLA.  RLA stands for Running Load Amps which is what the air conditioning unit draws once it's already running.  This number may also be expressed in FLA or Full Load Amps.  These numbers are important in sizing the Sure Start Soft Starter, and must be known before ordering.

Models include SS1B08-16SN and SS1B16-32SN