Hyper Engineering Sure Start A/C Soft Starter SS1B08-16SN For 8-16 RLA A/C Units

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    The Hyper Engineering SS1B08-16SN Sure Start Air Conditioner Soft Starter allows an A/C unit to start with a much lower amperage draw (up to 60% lower) than conventional capacitor-start designs.  This stops dimming or flickering lights when the A/C starts, even when it's is not being powered by a generator. 

    Dimming and flickering lights when your air conditioning starts are caused by an A/C unit's very high current draw when the unit first starts up.  This current draw can be as much as 6X the normal nameplate current rating when the unit is running.  A Hyper Engineering Sure Start drops that high current draw dramatically, and reduces the initial inrush of current needed by your air conditioner.

    The Sure Start allows a much larger A/C unit to be powered by your generator which gives greater sizing options for generator installations.  Proven technology and hundreds of Sure Starts installed in the real world have shown that these units dramatically reduce the starting draw of an air conditioner.  We have seen 60% reduced starting numbers which allow even portable gasoline powered generators to start your central air conditioning! (Provided they are installed correctly and utilize a transfer switch with the A/C connected)

    Even if you don't have a backup generator, a Sure Start Soft Starter can help reduce or even eliminate dimming & flickering lights when your A/C starts up.  This is easier on your air conditioner and may extend the life of the unit.

    Sure Starts automatically (over the first several starts when installed) adjust to the best settings for your A/C unit.  When first installed in your air conditioner, please allow up to 10 starts to see the best benefit as the SureStart learns the current needs of your A/C.

    These require installation in the A/C unit itself and may require professional installation by your local HVAC contractor or electrician.

    If you require sizing help, please take a picture of your A/C unit's nameplate and be sure to include that information in your email to us! 

    • 220-240V Single Phase 50/60Hz
    • Operating Voltage Range: 192-253V
    • Low Voltage Auto Shutdown: Less than 195V
    • This model fits A/C units between 8-16 Running Amps (RLA)
    • Sure Starts MUST be properly sized to prevent damage to Sure Start and A/C unit.

    Sizing Guide, Specs & Install Manual

    Sure Start Install Manual (Full color diagrams and directions)

    Sure Start Spec Sheet

    Sure Start Sizing & Selection Guide