Sure Start AC Soft Start | SS1B08-16SN & SS1B16-32SN | Hyper Engineering

The Hyper Engineering Sure Start is a Soft Starter for AC compressors which reduces the AC unit's LRA (Locked Rotor Amps) & reduces stress on the compressor. Sure Start reduces or eliminates flickering lights when the AC starts & can allow a much larger AC unit to start on a portable or automatic backup generator!

With built in protection for the compressor for things like compressor reversal, brown outs, short cycle starting and more, these are a great choice for helping to extend the life of your AC unit! Sure Starts work with or without a backup generator, and operate all the time when installed in your AC.

Sure Start units are smart, software driven soft starters, which reduce the LRA of the air conditioning compressor by up to 70% in most cases.  This helps with the hard starting or stalling that can happen when on generator backup power, or when using a solar and inverter system which only allows for certain inrush current, which your AC unit may exceed.

We've sold and installed hundreds of these units with excellent success! Customers are able to now run their AC on their generators and solar systems, which may not have been possible before with the size unit they had.

As the solar and battery storage industry ramps up, more and more consumers want to be able to run their AC, and these Hyper Engineering Sure Starts make that possible with larger AC units that wouldn't normally be accepted by the solar inverter.

Sure Start soft starters are available in 2 sizes for residential scroll compressor applications.  8-16A RLA SS1B08-16SN and 16-32A RLA SS1B16-32SN.  RLA stands for Running Load Amps which is what the air conditioning unit draws once it's already running.

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