Hyper Engineering Sure Start Soft Starters

Hyper Engineering's Sure Start Soft Starter for AC units allows air conditioners to start with a much lower (up to 70% reduced) amperage draw.  This prevents dimming lights, flickering lights and other issues when the AC starts. 

Sure Start can allow your central AC to start on a much smaller generator than was previously required, reducing the cost, fuel consumption, and overall work the generator must do to start the AC unit.  Sure starts work with or without a generator installed, and can even allow certain portable generators to run your central AC when properly installed with a transfer switch.

Run your AC on solar equipment! With the right sized setup and a Sure Start installed, many solar systems can operate your central AC. Some solar manufacturers are now even requiring the Sure Start unit to be installed on their installs to make starting the AC easier on the inverter(s).

Sure Starts are available in 2 popular sizes.  8-16A RLA and 16-32A RLA.  RLA stands for Running Load Amps, which is what the air conditioning unit draws once it's already running.  These numbers are important in sizing the Sure Start Soft Starter, and must be known before ordering. The Sure Start reduces the AC compressor's LRA, which is Locked Rotor Amps. This is the higher number and what causes the high load when the AC first starts up. By reducing this number (up to 70%), the stress on the AC and electrical system is greatly reduced!

Hyper Engineering Sure Start models include: SS1B08-16SN and SS1B16-32SN