Generac 10000004183 Transfer Switch Controller (SACM) Load Shed Module

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Generac 10000004183 Transfer Switch Controller (SACM) Load Shed Module.  Replacement load shed module for shedding A/C's and other loads during generator overload.  Also known as the SACM.  This new style transfer switch controller also has an integrated transfer relay and fuses.

This SKU has been updated to A0004499959. A0004499959 will ship out as the replacement if this is ordered.  The only difference is a new T1 Neutral terminal for installs that require it. The terminals are in a different order than before, but the wire numbers are the same and should be matched up to the correct new terminal positions.

If you need the fuses, see here:  Generac 10000005117 6.3A N1, N2, T1 Fuse For New Style Transfer Switches

Generac replacement parts will also usually fit the following Generac branded generators: Honeywell, Guardian, Siemens, Carrier, Watchdog, Centurion, Eaton & Bryant.


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