Generac 0E9323 Gear Reduced Starter For Many Air Cooled Units 10kW And Up

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Generac 0E9323 Gear Reduced 1kW starter motor fits many different size Air Cooled standby generators. This starter has now been replaced by A0000501971 and if ordered, A0000501971 will be the starter that ships out. 0E9323 is no longer available from Generac.

Started being used around 2005-2006 and is the current standard starter in units 10kW and above.  Commonly a cause for 15A system fuses blowing on the control panel.  If your current starter doesn't look like this, it's most likely NOT the correct replacement for it.  Was used on a few 15kW and 12kW 4390-3 and 4456-3 models towards the end of the product line for the transition into the 5200 Series. 

Generac made a change to the nose cone on this starter where the starter mounts to the engine block. In some applications this can cause interference with the heat shielding on the blower housing. The starter's nose cone can either be swapped from the old starter if it good condition, or the heat shielding can be tweaked out of the way to make the starter fit correctly. This issue does not affect all models.

This is an OEM Generac replacement starter and not an aftermarket version like found on Amazon and eBay.

Generac replacement parts will also usually fit the following Generac branded generators: Honeywell, Guardian, Siemens, Carrier, Watchdog, Centurion, & Bryant.


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